Operating our own bitumen sprayers coupled with a variety of size chip applicators , we undertake chip sealing of pavements, driveways, carparks , footpaths and roads

WHY Choose a Chipsealed Surface

The obvious choice when looking for an economical option. Chipseal surface are mainly used to stop water entering and damaging the underlying foundation layers of the road and generally have a life of 3-7 years for the first coat, and 15-20 years for a second coat being resurfaced.

Chip sealing involves the application of a thin layer of bituminous binder on a road surface, before applying a layer of aggregate on top of the binder.

We first assess the site and requirements of your surface in order to choose the best combination of bitumen and chip to suit.
​We then supply and lay this mix according to your specifications.

Why Use Chip Seal?

Chip seal is a durable and cost effective road surfacing option for most environments and conditions.
​Chip seal is also a very environmentally-friendly surfacing technique as it uses water, rather than solvents, as the glue or binding agent It is particularly popular on farms and rural properties.